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Myanmar Traditional Festivals

Buddhism is the heart of Myanmar culture and it pervades private and public life of the country, where a larger number of ethnic minorities live together. Throughout the year there are several Myanmar traditional festivals in honor of Buddha or animist divinities that you can attend during your Burma trip.
The main traditional festivals of Burmese culture Plan your own tour to Myanmar now! Here is a calendar of the main Myanmar traditional festivals throughout the year, which associated with Burmese culture as a whole.
Thingyan Water Festival: This festival is celebrated in the beginning of the year for the people of Myanmar. Lasting for several days, it is a great opportunity to wish everyone good luck and a happy new year by throwing or dousing water on them.
Kason Festival: This is to celebrate the birthday of Buddha. The main activity in this festival is visiting pagodas to pour water on the Bo trees, the symbols of the Buddha Illumination.
Waso Festival: This celebratio…

Religions and beliefs in Burma

Religions and beliefs have long contributed to the development of Burmese society and culture. In terms of legislation, there was no official protection of freedom of worship until the Socialist Constitution of 1974 was suspended in 1988. The authorities are generally tolerant of religious groups.
However, the situation is not as transparent as it is believed. The government imposes restrictions on certain religious activities and is occasionally accused of abusing the freedom of religion to promote a single religion, Buddhism. Here is a short overview of the religions and beliefs in Burma that can be useful Myanmar travel information.
Religions and beliefs in Burma: Buddhism During your Burma trip, you can easily realize that the influence of Buddhism is particularly noticeable. Indeed, nearly 90% of the Burmese population practices Buddhism, majority of which is in Theravada form.
The Theravada doctrine considers Man as the center of preoccupations and individual enlightenment as the …

Geography of Myanmar

What is true for many countries is even more so for Burma: the geography of Myanmar has largely influenced its past and current history. Myanmar’s geographical criterion has a substantial impact on the country’s situation, besides its relief or its climate, especially during the colonial period, when the country became one of the crossroads of trade between Europe and Asia. The study of the geography of Myanmar allows us to deeply understand the origins of the conflicts and the disputes for the country as well as an ideal Myanmar travel route. General geography This territory covers more than 675,000 km². The country shares a border with Bangladesh and India to the west and northwest, with China to the north and northeast, and with Laos and Thailand to the east and south-east. These boundaries are essentially a succession of hills and mountains, making the crossing of land borders quite complicated. The highest point of the country is the Hkakabo Razi, with an altitude of 5900m. The …

YANGON, the economic of Myanmar

Yangon is not only the first major city in the country but also the religious and economic center. A visit to Yangon will be a great opportunity for you to discover the essence of the Burmese civilization.
Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon, was the capital of Myanmar until it was replaced by Naypyidaw in November 2005.
Today, with a population of more than 5 million, it remains the largest city in the country and the economic heart of Burma.
A visit to Yangon in Burma will be a great chance for you to discover the impressive architecture mixing oriental and western inspirations of this cosmopolitan city and the daily life of its ebullient residents.

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1. How to get Yangon and stay there.
During your tour in Burma, you will find Yangon one of the most convenient cities will all necessary infrastructures for you visit in term of both transportation and accommodation.
By plane: The newly renovated Yangon International Airport has modern terminals for domestic and int…