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How To Travel From Yangon To Bagan?

Yangon is the largest city and main gateway to the foreign country of Myanmar. The ancient city of Bagan, the home to more than 2,200 Buddhist sites, is the most important tourist destination of the Golden Temple Country. A journey between Yangon and Bagan is commonly included in the itinerary of almost all Myanmar tours. As a result, a popular question raised by the visitor is that, “How to travel from Yangon to Bagan?” The following are some options we recommend.Travel from Yangon to Bagan by airIt can be said that airline service in Myanmar is quite expensive. You will have to pay $95-155 for a Yangon Bagan flight (from Yangon International Airport to Nyuang U Airport). However, this is the easiest and quickest way to travel from travel from Yangon to Bagan. In need, a direct flight takes only 1h20 and a non-direct one (via Heho Airport or Mandalay airport) takes about 1h50. There a lot of daily flights offered by 7-8 domestic airlines; the flights sometimes are canceled due to bad…