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Yangon River Cruise: Another View About Yangon

If you want to enjoy a new feeling of Yangon tourism, a cruise to release yourself floating among the dreamlike river may be the best choice. Taking a Yangon river cruise, you will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful daily life of Myanmar people, exploring the pristine beauty along the shores and contemplate the sunset looking itself on the river surface of the golden city. In addition, the perfect services on the cruises we recommend below will certainly give you the best experience.RV Mya Ponnami CruiseA Yangon river cruise gives memorable experiences for all young, middle-aged and old people and if you like a comfortable and leisurely tour, you can refer RV Mya Ponnami (Emerald Moon), which is a Singapore-made boat at a good standard and has a reasonable price for the fare, bed, and boat.Morning cruise on Yangon RiverDuration: 2 hours (8:15 – 10:15)
During the morning Yangon river cruise, you will admire the cheerful beauty of Yangon River and activities on…