Temple in Myanmar you should know

With a myriad of temples and temples, Myanmar is well suited to those who are passionate about Buddhism, including five very famous places below.

Temple in Myanmar you should know

1. Shwedagon Paya

As a symbol of this Buddhist country, Shwedagon Paya, located in the old capital of Yangon, is actually a gold-plated limestone cliff. Being located 100 meters above the city, it is not difficult for people to admire this sacred place from anywhere. The people here believe that this temple was built 2,500 years ago with the purpose of storing the Buddha's hair to his two younger brothers.

In addition, this is also the place of the temple as well as many other temples and shrines in the city. Experience Shwedagon in the morning to enjoy the beauty of the place. Participating in the pilgrimage before sunset is also a good idea to admire the subtle beauty of the Shwedagon in the sun.

2. Mount Kyaiktiyo

The golden stone on Kyaiktiyo Mountain in southeastern Myanmar is one of the famous pilgrimages. With the golden light in the sunlight, it is not difficult to explain why this place can attract so many people. On top of it was built a small schema although it seems that the schema will not be built on it.

The majestic scenery of this majestic mountain region is also an attraction for many visitors. The best time to visit is from November to March of next year, when the pilgrims arrive here. And if it comes in the rainy season (from June to October), cloud cover will cover most of this land.

3. Bagan

More than 3,000 temple temples are built throughout the delta. This is the result of the wave of temple construction that continued from the middle of the eleventh century to the end of the 13th century under the reign of the kings of Buddhism.

Much of the temple here is remnants of huge reliefs. There are still many typical temples that represent the magnificent Anando Pahto temple. Enjoying the sunset under the mist of the city is an unforgettable experience for those who have ever come.

4. Mrauk U

Located deep in the remote Rakhine region of western Myanmar, it is not difficult to see elaborately Buddhist buildings as solid as a fortress. Mrauk U is also the site that attracts the least pilgrims. The reliefs here are erected stone from the 15th and 16th centuries.

Although time and weather has made some of the buildings affected, most of the things here remain intact. Once upon a time the land was the capital of Rakhine and one of the richest cities in Asia thanks to trade with Portugal, Spain and the Middle East.

There is a small note for those who want to come here to check the security information thoroughly because there have been violent incidents that are most typical in 2012. Even so, Bagan and Mrauk U are both places to stimulate the curiosity of visitors. With a car rental price of 320,000 VND / day, it will be ideal for travelers to explore because the car owners are very knowledgeable about the works here.

5. Bago

Bago today is no longer like Bago before. Bago used to be the capital of southern Myanmar and is home to the most beautiful temples in the country as well as many other important monasteries. This is also where the famous Shwethalyaung Buddha statue carved from the 10th century.

In addition, at Kya Wain Kyaung, one of the largest Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar, visitors will admire the sight of over 500 monks begging for alms each morning. Guests can visit the monastery of the python to admire the native python. This special monastery was built more than 120 years ago.


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