How To Get To Burma: Means Of transport

Burma is a country that is increasingly opening up to tourism. With its many temples, wonderful landscapes and a warm population, there is no doubt that the country has all the assets to become one of the major players in tourism in Southeast Asia. However, the country is in full development of its infrastructure, in particular transport. So, how to get to Burma? The means of transport in Burma are already diversified, but the authorities are now working to improve services and networks. For tourism in Burma, it is better to know the situation in advance.

How to get to Burma? Air transport

At present, air transport is the most frequent means of transport for foreign travelers in Burma. The majority will arrive at Yangon airport. International direct flights arrive from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Kolkata and Kunming.

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In terms of flights, Burma is rather well endowed. The national airline is Myanmar Airways, but the country also has regional airlines for domestic flights and some international flights. You can easily reach your favorite tourist places by plane, such as Bagan, Mandalay or Heho.

Beware, however: it is not uncommon for flight schedules to change without preliminary information. In addition, we advise you to book your flights in advance especially during the peak tourist season, as group travel is more frequent.

How to get to Burma? Rail transport

If you want a touch of originality, a train ride will be a Burmese experience, to say the least … atypical to go to Burma.

Inheritances from colonization, train journeys are not as fast or as cheap as bus transportation, but they can prove to be very rewarding. They will allow you to approach the Burmese population as closely as possible. Moreover, some trips are really interesting because they will take you through sumptuous landscapes.

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You have to accept frequent delays if you take a night train during a Myanmar tour. You can buy train tickets either at the train station or ask your hotel to do it for you.

How to get to Burma? The road network

After deciding on how to get to Burma, you will have to decide which means to transport to get around. There is a good chance that you will have to use the Burmese road network at some point. In general, this means of locomotion is quite unpredictable, even completely chaotic. The road infrastructure needs a little refreshment.

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For long trips you can take the bus. Most of them belong to private companies. They are faster and cheaper than trains. However, the journey remains long, and can be quite uncomfortable at night.

You will have access either to buses with air conditioner or without. The latter are used on small trips. Keep in mind that the journey will not be at all rest. It can get quite cold in the buses with air conditioner, especially if you are traveling at night; therefore, bring a jacket or a blanket with you. However, this is not recommended for children.

In terms of prices, you can make the journey between Yangon and Mandalay for about 10USD.
To book your tickets, do not hesitate to get there a few days in advance, and ask for help from your hotel.

If you have to take the car, again, great patience and adaptability will be required. Indeed, most vehicles are quite outdated, and the road in poor condition. However, if you are prepared to pay for a private chauffeur and a new car and air-conditioner (100USD per day), you will find this means of transport relatively pleasant. And you can escape the crowded buses, which can be a great asset to enjoy your tourism activities in Burma.

Finally, according to Burmese law, you will not be allowed to drive a car by yourself, unless you go through administrative negotiations with the local authorities.

It will be easy enough to rent a motorcycle or scooter for around US $ 10 per day in Burma. Think about always wearing a helmet, and take out travel insurance. Motorcycles or scooters are not allowed in Yangon.
There are also numerous taxi companies in Burma. The real taxis have a green or white registration plate and you can find the identity of the driver on the dashboard.
Other means of transport available in Burma include pick-up trucks, tris-haws, horse-drawn carriages, and bicycles. These are available in major cities and most guesthouses. You will not be asked to wear a helmet, but pay attention to your travel insurance.

How to get to Burma? The boat

The boat is a long way to travel, but it can be very pleasant, especially in Burma. Whether on Inle Lake or the Irrawaddy, the boat is a great way to see the landscape and life on the lake or the rivers. You can take a public ferry or rent a private boat.

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If you want to make the most of your trip to stop and visit the surroundings, including temples or small fishing villages, do not hesitate to ask about travel agencies that offer tours; This is a great way to enrich your trip to Burma.

Although often in poor condition or not to the extent of what we know, the means of transport in Burma are part of the charm of this country. No doubt you will find the one you enjoy the most in your Burma travel. How to get to Burma will be a question to which you will find interesting answers.

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