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To Better Visit Burma, Discover Its Geography

The geography of the country has largely influenced its past and current history. Its situation, or its relief or its climate, is the geographical criterion having the most impact. Especially during the colonial period, when the country became one of the crossroads of trade between Europe and Asia. Today, the study of the geography of Burma allows us to understand the origins of the conflicts and the challenges for the country. To visit Burma better, discover its geography!1. Before visit Burma, discover its geographyGeneral geographyThis territory covers more than 675,000 km². On a map of Burma, it can be seen that the country shares a border with Bangladesh and India to the west and northwest, with China to the north and northeast, and with Laos and Thailand to the east and southeast. These boundaries are essentially a succession of hills and mountains, making the crossing of land borders rather complicated. The highest point of the country is the Hazakabo Razi, with an altitude of …