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A Myanmar Full Of Charm

Tourists who have made their Myanmar travel can never forget this beautiful country. They are all fascinated by the splendid beauty of sacred, majestic and brilliant golden temples; by the face, the eyes of the girls made up with the powder of Thanakha or by the wild and mystical landscapes of Myanmar. Everything contributes to the discovery of an exceptional Burma.Dive into the excitement of national festivalsMany tourists making a trip to Myanmar claim that this land captivates their hearts upon arrival. And just like that, they continue Burmese discovery. Unlike the Vietnam holidays, the New Year’s Day of Myanmar begins in April. In the celebration of the New Year, people organize a water festival. Inhabitants throw water on others in order to wash the bad luck, the misfortune, and the sins of the previous year, wishing a new year of happiness and more peace. On this occasion, travelers are all excited, joining the festival and splashing one another. There is no difference between …