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The Best Restaurants In Yangon

Yangon is the city of not only splendid gilded temples and pagodas, fresh green parks, busy markets and a myriad of other interesting things but also a rich cuisine culture. The Yangon cuisine is the perfect combination between the quintessence of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisines with the master cooking art of locals peoples. Here we recommend the best restaurants in Yangon where you may have unforgettable cuisine experiences.Shwe Sa BweLocated in a beautifully decorated mansion, this is one of the best Yangon restaurants for the price. It’s interesting that the restaurant is also a catering training school whose graduates work at the best hotels and restaurants in Yangon. You can choose from set meals of two or three dishes.
The restaurant-school was established by a French person named Francois and has an intake of 22 students per year. Training comprises both front-of-house and kitchen skills under the supervision of French chefs. Before your meal, you can take a tour of the premi…