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How To Get To Burma: Means Of transport

Burma is a country that is increasingly opening up to tourism. With its many temples, wonderful landscapes and a warm population, there is no doubt that the country has all the assets to become one of the major players in tourism in Southeast Asia. However, the country is in full development of its infrastructure, in particular transport. So, how to get to Burma? The means of transport in Burma are already diversified, but the authorities are now working to improve services and networks. For tourism in Burma, it is better to know the situation in advance.How to get to Burma? Air transportAt present, air transport is the most frequent means of transport for foreign travelers in Burma. The majority will arrive at Yangon airport. International direct flights arrive from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Kolkata and Kunming.(Photo illustration: Internet – Myanmar plane – how to get to Burma)In terms of flights, Burma is rather well endowed. The national airline is Myanmar Airways,…