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Mandalay Tourism Useful Information

Mandalay is the second largest city and one of 4 tourist highlights in Myanmar (besides Yangon, Bagan, and Inle Lake). The city not only is the sacred land for major Buddhists’ pilgrimages but also contains many mysterious things that await being discovered. Here we provide you with Mandalay tourism useful information so that you could have best travel experiences in the city of Mandalay and its outskirts.The best time to tour MandalaySummer in Mandalay lasts from March to May, and then temperature cools down in the rainy season. Because Mandalay is in the central dry zone, it receives far less rain than the more tropical south. Winter lasts from November to February. The peak time of Mandalay tourism season is in between October and December when it’s cool and dry. However, traveling in the high season may be much more expensive, so you can visit Mandalay in late winter (January and February) and early rainy season (June and July) when the weather is relatively good.How to get thereB…