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Experiences Not To Be Missed In Bagan

Bagan, which was once a flourishing imperial city, is located next to the Irrawaddy River in romantic historical ruins. It’s the land of beautiful landscapes with deep human values. Traveling to Bagan in your Myanmar travel is a great opportunity for you to explore the mysterious land.The Ancient Capital of MyanmarIt consists of three cities: Nyuang U, Old Bagan and New Bagan. This area is popular with many pagodas spreading over the city. Nyuang U is a large city with railway stations, river ports and an airport. Moreover, New Bagan is a new village that was built in 1990 for former residents living in Old Bagan. Old Bagan is a picturesque area with many monuments and ancient pagodas preserved very carefully.Discover the Old Bagan by bike, on horseback or on footFor a first pleasant experience in Bagan, visitors are advised to rent a bike, a horse or just walk to discover the great beauty of the area. Cycling on red paths and watching people, pagodas and monasteries there are certain…