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Kyaikhiyo – The Legendary Pagoda Of Golden Rock In Myanmar

Located at an altitude of 1,100m above sea level, Kyaikhiyo is a famous pagoda in Myanmar, due to its spectacular location. It is an exceptional beauty, which is both natural and spiritual, and not to be missed during your tours in Burma.The legendary pagoda of Golden RockThere are many different legends about this mysterious pagoda. But the legend most often transmitted by many people is the story about TaikTha, a hermit. During his visit to the Earth, the Buddha gave a privilege to a committee of monks to protect and preserve Buddhist treasures. The Buddha also graciously agreed to give them a sacred hair. One of the monks kept the Buddha’s hair carefully in his boundless happiness. At the time of his death, he was warned by the King of Heaven. He wished to hand over the relic to his adopted child, King Tissa. After a long consideration, he decided to give the hair, but under the circumstance that the relic is stored in a rock in the shape of his head.There are many different legend…