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Tour Burma: Visa Information And Requirement

If you want to tour Burma, Visa is certainly the first procedure which must be completed. You can apply for your tourist Visa online (eVisa) or at Myanmar embassies/consulates. Note that Myanmar visa on arrival tourist has not been available since 2015, which means you have to get the Visa before your trip. Here is all useful information for you about Myanmar tourist Visa.Visa exemplificationThere are only 7 countries that are exempted from visa for 14 days in Myanmar. These countries are Laos, Philippines, Thailand (only by air), Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. While Singapore passport holders have 30 days free of visa.
If you are a passport holder of the countries above and wishing to tour Burma in a period of longer than 14 days, you can apply for an eVisa. While on the other side, Myanmar launched the eVisa to 100 countries in the world. Check the list of these countries at:Where to get your tourist visa?OnlineApplying for a tourist eVisa through the official website for…