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Visa For Myanmar And Other Formalities

Since the opening of the country to tourism, Burma has undertaken to facilitate the entry of foreign travelers into its territory. However, like any administrative procedure, it is necessary to be properly informed about the ins and outs of a stay in Burma. So here is everything you need to know to prepare your stay at best: what are the special features to consider before your arrival, and the different types of visa for Myanmar made available to you.(Photo illustration: Internet – visa for Myanmar)1. In addition to the visa for Myanmar, learn about other particularities11,000 km separate Paris from Yangon, the main arrival airport of the French in Burma. Knowing that there are no direct flights Paris-Yangon. Most often you have to stop in Bangkok before you go to Yangon. It is about 13h00 between Paris and Yangon by this trajet (it will be necessary to add the wait time in Bangkok).With the exception of one Italian company (Blue Panorama) and the German company Condor, Yangon airpor…