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The unique food of Myanmar

While Myanmar cuisine has a little influence of Chinese and Indian cuisine, but still has a unique traditional flavor.

Food of Myanmar you can not miss while traveling here
Shan rice

Like the Kinh of Vietnam, the Shan is the nation with the highest population share in Myanmar. They not only have a long history of culture, but also have a unique culinary background. And the traditional, traditional food of Shan cuisine can not be ignored when Myanmar is a Shan rice.

Shan rice is like a mixed rice dish, with rice cooked with saffron and served with crispy fried fish, roasted peanuts and some seasonal vegetables. Sometimes, fish can be replaced with chicken or simply just add garlic oil, cloves and crispy crispy pork. This dish is usually served with fried rice paper and spicy sauce.


Speaking of delicious, unique and well-known dishes that can not be missed while traveling to Myanmar, it is impossible not to mention the salads, especially green tea salad and green tomato salad.

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