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Where To Go Shopping In Tours To Myanmar?

What are brought back from your tours to Myanmar? The answers may be very diverse as you can find a variety of unique and interesting souvenirs in Burma, from colorful fabrics and carpets to sophisticated wooden carving and gemstones. To ensure that you can purchase your favorite souvenirs at a reasonable price, we recommend these places to shop when you tour Burma.1. Augustine’s SouvenirsThis treasure used to be called Augustine’s Antiques; however as the Burmese government doesn’t allow antiques to be sold outside the country’s border, its name has been changed. Today, the shop concentrates on newer items but the quality remains to be guaranteed. Visiting the Augustine’s Souvenirs in your tours to Myanmar, you can find carvings from Mandalay workshops, colonial-style furniture, lacquer from producers in the Shan States, gilded wooden statues and some beautiful 20th-century silver and brass temple offering bowls, which are sold by families in need of the cash. Make sure that you rece…