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How To Use A Map Of Yangon Effectively?

Yangon is the largest city and one of the most important tourist destinations in Myanmar. The city and its outskirts are full of attractions and sights. If you are a solo traveler, it’s essential for you to have a map of Yangon to make your trip more favorable and easily. Here we suggest all of the useful tips to use the Yangon map effectively.What type of Yangon map should you choose?You can choose either a road map or a tourist (or both). The former is suitable for long road trip, especially going outside the city. It requires you good skills at the reading map. The latter is useful for city breaks. It generally shows the attractions and points of interest around the city of Yangon. It’s is usually available at local travel agencies or in lobbies of hotels and hostels.Why you need a map of Yangon Myanmar?The map will help you easily plan your trip. For example, if you want to make a bicycle tour around the city of Yangon, you will determine on the map the factors such as what you wa…