The unique food of Myanmar

While Myanmar cuisine has a little influence of Chinese and Indian cuisine, but still has a unique traditional flavor.

Food of Myanmar you can not miss while traveling here
Shan rice

Like the Kinh of Vietnam, the Shan is the nation with the highest population share in Myanmar. They not only have a long history of culture, but also have a unique culinary background. And the traditional, traditional food of Shan cuisine can not be ignored when Myanmar is a Shan rice.

Shan rice is like a mixed rice dish, with rice cooked with saffron and served with crispy fried fish, roasted peanuts and some seasonal vegetables. Sometimes, fish can be replaced with chicken or simply just add garlic oil, cloves and crispy crispy pork. This dish is usually served with fried rice paper and spicy sauce.


Speaking of delicious, unique and well-known dishes that can not be missed while traveling to Myanmar, it is impossible not to mention the salads, especially green tea salad and green tomato salad.

Any v…

Temple in Myanmar you should know

With a myriad of temples and temples, Myanmar is well suited to those who are passionate about Buddhism, including five very famous places below.

Temple in Myanmar you should know
1. Shwedagon Paya

As a symbol of this Buddhist country, Shwedagon Paya, located in the old capital of Yangon, is actually a gold-plated limestone cliff. Being located 100 meters above the city, it is not difficult for people to admire this sacred place from anywhere. The people here believe that this temple was built 2,500 years ago with the purpose of storing the Buddha's hair to his two younger brothers.

In addition, this is also the place of the temple as well as many other temples and shrines in the city. Experience Shwedagon in the morning to enjoy the beauty of the place. Participating in the pilgrimage before sunset is also a good idea to admire the subtle beauty of the Shwedagon in the sun.

2. Mount Kyaiktiyo

The golden stone on Kyaiktiyo Mountain in southeastern Myanmar is one of the famous pil…

How To Get To Burma: Means Of transport

Burma is a country that is increasingly opening up to tourism. With its many temples, wonderful landscapes and a warm population, there is no doubt that the country has all the assets to become one of the major players in tourism in Southeast Asia. However, the country is in full development of its infrastructure, in particular transport. So, how to get to Burma? The means of transport in Burma are already diversified, but the authorities are now working to improve services and networks. For tourism in Burma, it is better to know the situation in advance.How to get to Burma? Air transportAt present, air transport is the most frequent means of transport for foreign travelers in Burma. The majority will arrive at Yangon airport. International direct flights arrive from Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Taipei, Singapore, Kolkata and Kunming.(Photo illustration: Internet – Myanmar plane – how to get to Burma)In terms of flights, Burma is rather well endowed. The national airline is Myanmar Airways,…

Choose Accommodation For An Individual Burma Trip

With the development of the tourism sector, the Burmese government has focused on diversifying and improving housing infrastructure. During your individual Burma trip, you will find it quite easy to find suitable accommodation for all budget.
You can pay as much in USD as in Burmese kyats, everything depends on the hotel’s preferences.(Photo illustration: Internet – individual Burma trip)1. Accommodation on an individual Burma trip: GeneralFor tight budgets, you will be able to find your happiness during your Burma trip. Prices range from 5 to 40USD per room. The conditions, even if they are suitable, will not satisfy everyone: basic room with or without air-conditioner or even sharedFor tight budgets, you will be able to find your happiness during your Burma trip. Prices range from 5 to 40USD per room. The conditions, even if they are suitable, will not satisfy everyone: basic room with or without air-conditioner or even shared bathroom.This solution is very often used by young peopl…

Visa For Myanmar And Other Formalities

Since the opening of the country to tourism, Burma has undertaken to facilitate the entry of foreign travelers into its territory. However, like any administrative procedure, it is necessary to be properly informed about the ins and outs of a stay in Burma. So here is everything you need to know to prepare your stay at best: what are the special features to consider before your arrival, and the different types of visa for Myanmar made available to you.(Photo illustration: Internet – visa for Myanmar)1. In addition to the visa for Myanmar, learn about other particularities11,000 km separate Paris from Yangon, the main arrival airport of the French in Burma. Knowing that there are no direct flights Paris-Yangon. Most often you have to stop in Bangkok before you go to Yangon. It is about 13h00 between Paris and Yangon by this trajet (it will be necessary to add the wait time in Bangkok).With the exception of one Italian company (Blue Panorama) and the German company Condor, Yangon airpor…

Low Budget Travel In Myanmar: What To Pack In Your Suitcase?

That’s it, airline tickets are bought, hotels booked and your guide annotated with all the unmissable to visit during your stay. So it’s time to make your suitcase. But what are you going to take with you? Here is a short guide to preparing your luggage before your low budget travel in Myanmar.1. ClothesKnowing what clothes to take for your Myanmar tour is certainly one of the most complicated things to be expected. Indeed, there are two essential things to take care: climate and religion.If you decide to avoid the monsoon season, you will only have to provide clothes in which you will feel cool in case of high heat. Therefore, plan large clothes made of soft materials. If you are traveling in Burma between May and October, it may be a good idea to have an umbrella and a raincoat. Of course, if you have planned a stay by the sea, bathing suit and towel will be useful!(Photo: Hanoi Voyages – Bagan – Low budget travel in Myanmar)Keep in mind that Burma is a Buddhist country in which the…

Preparing For A Trip: When To Go To Myanmar?

Myanmar is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. This country is a wonderful place to discover its culture, architecture, and population. So when to go to Myanmar?The best time to travel to Myanmar is from November to February, after the monsoon but before the big heat. Travelers are seduced by good sunshine and cool temperatures. In general, the Myanmar climate is fairly homogeneous throughout the country.When to go to Myanmar?For a great experience in this beautiful country, travelers need to have knowledge about the climate of the country. The country is in an area of tropical climate, and Myanmar’s climate is divided into 3 major seasons characterized by monsoon and high humidity in the south and a warm, dry climate in the center of the country.
• From June to October: the monsoon season brings heavy rains especially in July and August. There may be some typhoons or storms from the eastern sea at this time. On the other hand, the center of the country is drier.
• From November to…