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Interesting Experiences In The Ancient City Of Yangon

Yangon is an unmissable destination in the itinerary of your Myanmar travel. It is a very beautiful city with its ancient and majestic temples that reflect many cultural traits. A trip to Yangon will surely bring you wonderful moments, so much so you will feel like you are on a small cloud and not want to leave.Travel to Yangon- Travel to the heart of BurmaYangon is the largest city in Myanmar. During your tours in Yangon, you will soon be attracted by beautiful lakes with majestic landscapes, green parks and majestic temples of mysterious beauty. Here are some interesting activities that you should not miss in your trip to the ancient city of Yangon.Visit the Shwedagon PagodaMyanmar has been regarded as the sacred land of the Buddha for a very long time thanks to many magnificent pagodas clad in gold. One of the most typical and exceptional temples in the world is the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda, which is obviously considered the pride of Myanmar people. The temple, which was built more …