Preparing For A Trip: When To Go To Myanmar?

Myanmar is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia. This country is a wonderful place to discover its culture, architecture, and population. So when to go to Myanmar?

The best time to travel to Myanmar is from November to February, after the monsoon but before the big heat. Travelers are seduced by good sunshine and cool temperatures. In general, the Myanmar climate is fairly homogeneous throughout the country.

When to go to Myanmar?

For a great experience in this beautiful country, travelers need to have knowledge about the climate of the country. The country is in an area of tropical climate, and Myanmar’s climate is divided into 3 major seasons characterized by monsoon and high humidity in the south and a warm, dry climate in the center of the country.
• From June to October: the monsoon season brings heavy rains especially in July and August. There may be some typhoons or storms from the eastern sea at this time. On the other hand, the center of the country is drier.
• From November to February: the best season is characterized by the absence of rain, the beautiful sun and a pleasant temperature. It is the ideal time for tourists to discover this country and contemplate its wonderful landscapes.
• March to May: hot season. The climate is very hot and sunny, especially in Bagan and Mandalay. In addition, there are fewer tourists and hotels are significantly cheaper.

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What to do in Myanmar?

After deciding when to go to Myanmar, you will have to decide on a program. You should know that the country has a long and exciting history, many cultural and architectural works and famous historical places. This country attracts many foreign tourists by its picturesque beauty and calm. Myanmar is a place where travellers will find their happiness.

The trip to Myanmar would be incomplete without visiting Bagan, the first capital of the Burmese Empire, one of the largest and most impressive Buddhist archaeological sites in the world. You can contemplate more than 2000 ancient pagodas in the immense space of 40 km2 with tremendous landscapes of forest and mountain … On the terrace of the temples you can admire a sunset – an incredible landscape of nature. Bagan gives you memories, unforgettable experiences thanks to the majestic beauty of nature, tranquility and the thousands of temples.

Then you can take a journey through Burmese history and culture in Yangon. Located on the Yangon River and the Andaman Sea, this city is the main destination of any Myanmar tour. In this city there are pagodas, mosques, temples. Travelers will find many historical sites, museums, markets, parks and many temples and statues are covered with gold leaf.

The Mahamuni Pagoda is home to one of the most important Buddhas in Burma.

You can taste the traditional dishes with the original spices. Do not forget to buy the handmade products (such as silks, lacquers, cigars, jewelry …) that are omnipresent in this country where the craft still makes the majority of Burmese live on. The people are welcoming; it is very unlikely that you will experience any discomfort from the Burmese during your trip. Open and benevolent, they will try to help you as much as they can without asking for a counterpart despite the obvious difference in wealth. The increase in the number of tourists encourages the street vendors to solicit you but a simple smile of refusal will be enough to stop them.

Myanmar will be an interesting destination for people who like travelling. This circuit gives you many beautiful memories. After deciding when to go Myanmar, you can prepare your luggage for the journey of discovery of this beautiful country.

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