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Visit Myanmar: Discover Its Population

Burma (Myanmar) is one of the countries in South-East Asia that remains the most unknown in the eyes of the world’s population. Yet, the country has major tourist attractions: religious monuments. Impressive, exceptional landscapes and warm and welcoming locals. The population of Burma, although destabilized by years of civil war, remains very open to foreigners. A genuine patchwork of different ethnicities and cultures, visit Myanmar and meet its inhabitants will give an extraordinary human dimension to your stay.1. General Demography in BurmaVisit Myanmar is to have the opportunity to meet the traditionally warm people of this multi-ethnic country.→ Population and ethnic compositionCensuses in Burma are not commonplace. Until recently, the Birman demography was a mystery. With the improvement of the political situation, the first statistics on the population were published.Thus, according to the United Nations, the population of Burma reaches 53 million people (figures from 2013). I…