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Useful Information About Yangon Bagan Bus

Yangon and Bagan are two of the most important tourist destinations in Myanmar. It’s easy to travel between two sites by plane, train, bus, and even taxi, in which buses are chosen by a lot of travelers as they are much cheaper than planes and more comfortable than trains. Here we provide you with all of the useful information about Yangon Bagan bus.Overview of Yangon Bagan bus serviceThere are both day and night buses traveling from Yangon to Bagan. In general, tourists tend to choose night buses to feel less tired and save a hotel night. Every Yangon Bagan bus is equipped to air-condition and most have TVs, the atmosphere is commonly noisy as the drivers usually turn movies and Burmese traditional music quite loud. It’ll take you around 9-10 hours for the 611-kilometer journey between Yangon and Bagan by bus. Note that night buses normally leave the downtown Yangon at 7.00pm and arrives in Bagan around 5.00am (the next day). So make sure to book your hotels in Bagan in advance and p…