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8 Tips For a Perfect Myanmar Package Tour

A decade ago, traveling to Myanmar was very difficult due to strict controls of the military government. Since the country opened up, the political stability and development of tourist infrastructure have made Myanmar become one of the hottest destinations in Asia. Visitors all over the world have the desire to travel to the Golden Temple Country; a lot of whom wonder whether they should tour Myanmar on their own or booking a Myanmar package tour. If you are a non-experienced traveler and go to Myanmar for the first time, Myanmar tour packages may be the better choice. Here are 10 tips for you to pick the most suitable tour.1. Selecting the right tour operator for your Myanmar package tourEvery region has special tour operators. If you consider Bagan as the highlight of your Myanmar package tour, do not choose the operators experienced in Mandalay tours!
You need to check their background – how long have they operated in a particular region and what do their customers evaluate them. A…