8 Tips For a Perfect Myanmar Package Tour

A decade ago, traveling to Myanmar was very difficult due to strict controls of the military government. Since the country opened up, the political stability and development of tourist infrastructure have made Myanmar become one of the hottest destinations in Asia. Visitors all over the world have the desire to travel to the Golden Temple Country; a lot of whom wonder whether they should tour Myanmar on their own or booking a Myanmar package tour. If you are a non-experienced traveler and go to Myanmar for the first time, Myanmar tour packages may be the better choice. Here are 10 tips for you to pick the most suitable tour.

1. Selecting the right tour operator for your Myanmar package tour

Every region has special tour operators. If you consider Bagan as the highlight of your Myanmar package tour, do not choose the operators experienced in Mandalay tours!
You need to check their background – how long have they operated in a particular region and what do their customers evaluate them. A little online research on third party sites such as TripAdvisor will help you gather information about their clients’ degree of satisfaction. The research also helps you understand how good they are with their local guides. Basing on the research and ratings, choose 2 or 3 operators and get their quotes.

2. Pricing

Most travel operators quote their Myanmar tour package price without including the applicable taxes. Always ask for a complete price quote that includes – not only tax components but all other expenses as well: accommodation, transfer, dining, entrance fees, guide charges, etc. Make sure that all these components are accounted for when you are comparing the deals based on price.

3. Accommodation options

Ask for the hotel names and check these names for customer reviews (which are easily found on Agoda.com or Booking.com). Compare the price the package offers versus that you would get if you were to book on your own Burma tours. In additions, always note the locations of the hotel, considering whether it’s conveniently accessible to a restaurant, shops, markets, sights, etc. If you are not satisfied with the stay options, check with the travel operator on the other options.

4. Meals

Most Myanmar tour packages offer complimentary breakfast, a few of which may even offer lunch or dinner or both. In general, you may not want to opt for all meals as you will spend most of your day sightseeing. Moreover, you might want to experience other restaurant and local cuisine. In such case, make sure that your tour is tailored accordingly.

5. Customization of your itinerary

Check the itinerary of your Myanmar package tour carefully. Make sure that all the places you wish to visit are included and you have enough time in each of these places. If you would like to explore some addition places, check with your tour operator and them into your itinerary. Deleting or adding places could also, means that you need to reduce or extend a day from your package. Ensure that the price for the same is adjusted accordingly.

6. Guides

Check if there is a local guide assigned to you. Make sure that the fees for the guide are included in your tour. If not, please find out what are the applicable charges. Tips are not required in Myanmar; however, you can give your guide at the end of the tour to show that you are thankful to him.
If a tour guide is included in your tour, find out about what parts and days of the itinerary he will be present. In case there is no guide, you may want to get information on where to hire a guide from your travel operator.

7. Entrance fees

A lot of attractions in Myanmar require an entrance fee. Figure out whether these fees have been included in your package. If it is, get it included clearly on all invoices and quotes.

8. Payment conditions and fine print

There are various options available when it comes to payment conditions. Make sure that while booking, you have thoroughly read the payment terms and fine print. Ensure that your cancellation and refund articles are clear. In the case of any cancellation or emergency, you may need the same.
Do not pay a full of booking. Most prestigious tour operators require a part payment at the booking time (commonly between 25% and 50%), and the rest will be paid one or two weeks before the actual departure day. In some cases, they are quite flexible to require the balance payment on arrival at the first destination of Myanmar travel.
All the confirmed bookings – flights, accommodation, and conveyance, have to be well documented and the travel operator must hand out email confirmations of vouchers of each, well before the departure day. Any specials trip options or deals have to be mentioned on the voucher.
These mentioned tips may help you pick your perfect package tour Myanmar. Do not forget to share your own experience with other travelers after your successful booking and having a wonderful holiday in Myanmar.

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