What To Do In Your Myanmar Bagan Tour?

The former Burmese capital of Bagan is a must-visit destination in your private Myanmar tour, famous for an amazing number of religious sites dating back the 12th century. More than 2,200 pagodas, temples, and stupas remain today, displaying the sacred beauty of Buddhism. If you are wondering what to do in your Myanmar Bagan tour, it will be very easy to think about the following suggestions.

Create your own Walking Tour of Old Bagan

The town of Old Bagan is home to many of temples and ruins, and where you will find the best concentration. It is easy to do your own walking tour of the town as the temples here are all quite close together. The flexibility of walking is clearly undeniable and it takes only a few minutes to move among temples. Walking allows you to stop whenever you want. You can also walk from one temple to another on little paths instead of the roads in many sections and you will be able to explore without crowds.
Note that the weather in Bagan is extremely hot and walking will take you a lot of energy. So, bring yourself water, sunhat, sunscreen and other necessary things to protect you against sunlight and heat during your Myanmar travel.

Ananda Temple

It may be considered as the most sacred temple in Bagan, well known for its magnificent architecture. The gilded spires sparkle in the sunlight. There are 4 standing Buddha statues facing the four points of the compass around the outside of the inner passage. It’s said that each of these represents different parts of Buddha’s teachings. Terraces and the base are paved with glazed tiles. You also can find the sophisticated reliefs arranged around the inner courtyard. To make the temple design unique, King Kyanzittha kills all of the architects. The temple takes pride in itself that it’s the best preserved and most beautiful in the ancient city where you cannot miss in your Myanmar Bagan tour.

Pya tha da Pagoda

Pya tha da may be the climbable temple in Bagan. The way to its top is not easy to find as some of the stairs are inside while others are outside, but when you reach the top, you will be rewarded with a breathtaking panorama view of Bagan. Do not visit the pagoda in the middle of the day though, at the top there is no shade when the sun is directly above you and it’s very boiling on your feet (you have to leave your shoes and socks outside the door).

Thatbyinnyu Temple

The temple is so carefully done that a knife blade can’t get through slits among bricks. Unfortunately, an earthquake occurring many years ago made the temple unstable, and it’s is now prohibited to climb up it. However, the tallest temples of the ancient city are still worth a visit in your Myanmar Bagan tour as it’s a great place to take the best pictures no matter which angle you aim through your camera.

Archaeological Museum

Another attraction you should include in the itinerary of your Myanmar Bagan tour is this museum housed in a massive, out of place looking 19th-century style temple. You can find here the most typical artifacts collected from all over Bagan, including inscribed stones, reclining Buddhas and original images.

Motorbike/Bicycle/Horse/Car/ and Cart Tour of Bagan Region

You can choose among a wide range of transportation available to take you to the thousands of temples in Bagan. Determine which temples you wish to visit during your Burma tours most or find a knowledgeable driver to take you to their favorites. It will cost you around $35 day for a car and driver and less for the others.

Hot Air Ballooning

Doing a hot air balloon trip over Bagan may be one of the most impressive and memorable experiences during your private tour Myanmar. Only by sitting in the basket of a hot air balloon can you fully admire the stunning natural landscapes and the majestic man-made constructions of Bagan. You will go to the launch site before dawn, taking off in time to catch the first sunlight rays of a new day piercing the morning mists covering the religious sites. The 45-minute journey is not cheap (around $315), but it’s so amazing. You can book the tickets a month in advance, so as soon as you know where you will go.
Bagan is the Buddhism Kingdom of Myanmar n particular and the world n general. A visit to Bagan when you tour Burma will make you really understand the rich culture and spiritual life of the Golden Temple Country.

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