Why You Should Choose Myanmar Small Group Tours

You may hear a lot about the charm of Myanmar with incomparable natural landscapes, majestic golden temples, and the unique culture, but only when you tour Myanmar could you really know how beautiful the country is. A lot of people tend to choose large group tours to Myanmar for cost saving. However, if you want to have the ultimate experience in the Golden Temple Country, we think that it will be hard to beat Myanmar small group tours because of the following reasons.

1. Stress-Free Sightseeing

Trying to move around attractions and sights with a large group at the best of time may be very challenging. You will be particularly aware of that when visiting the ancient city of Bagan where there are more than 2,200 religious sites, which means you have so many must-visit destinations and have to move constantly from one place to another. If you’re stuck at the back, you are able to see or enjoy anything. Being squeezed among strangers or up against the wall is not certainly for anyone. When you join Myanmar small group tours, commonly consisting of less 15 members, neither of these occurrences will be a problem.

2. The companionship

Traveling with a group of strangers can make you feel troubled at first, which is why joining a smaller group can help put you at ease. In a small group, you’re likely to find that you have a lot in common with your companions. In addition, adjusting to a new culture is easier when you’re on the same tour as a small number of fellow travelers, rather than a faint face in a crowd, or on your own. Do not be afraid to makes friends, introduce you and share your feelings and opinions with your new friends during your Myanmar travel.

3. A wider choice of accommodation

Accommodation can be a real bonus on Myanmar small group tours. Large groups need large hotels, which often means staying in the same old places, and even worse is that cheaper models with fewer luxury amenities are picked. Smaller groups can take advantage of all types of accommodations, including pretty homestays, convenient guesthouses, independent boutiques and luxurious hotels. There is a lot of good accommodations, with the limited number of rooms, are suitable for small groups in Myanmar such as Yoma Cherry Lodge (13 rooms, Ngapali), Peacock Lodge (9 rooms, Mandalay) and Classique Inn (11 rooms, Yangon).

4. Getting off the beaten track

Large group tours tend to visit the same classic routes like Mandalay, Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with that and the places are really wonderful. But a bit more flexibility sometimes is a good thing. Myanmar small group tours are more nimble and don’t have to depend much on the tourist infrastructure, especially in remote areas. You can easily get off the beaten track to explore destinations which are unfamiliar to mass tourism such as Kakku Pagodas or Putao.
In addition, the best way to see Myanmar is “getting beneath the surface” and experiencing the daily life of Burmese peoples, which is simply not possible with a large group, as there are too many people to squeeze down hidden alleyways. If you want to see the real Myanmar, traveling with a few people is really a good idea.

5. You can get to know your guide

There are commonly less 15 members in Myanmar small group tours, so the guides become just as much a part of the groups. You can contact them at easy, benefit from their local knowledge, learn about destinations and get top tips on restaurants or souvenir shops. Your guide will also become more familiar with your needs and wants, and sometimes personalize the trip for you as you go.
Joining small group tours to Myanmar, you will find wonderful like-minded companions and experience the real Myanmar trip along with them.

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