Yangon River Cruise: Another View About Yangon

If you want to enjoy a new feeling of Yangon tourism, a cruise to release yourself floating among the dreamlike river may be the best choice. Taking a Yangon river cruise, you will have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the peaceful daily life of Myanmar people, exploring the pristine beauty along the shores and contemplate the sunset looking itself on the river surface of the golden city. In addition, the perfect services on the cruises we recommend below will certainly give you the best experience.

RV Mya Ponnami Cruise

A Yangon river cruise gives memorable experiences for all young, middle-aged and old people and if you like a comfortable and leisurely tour, you can refer RV Mya Ponnami (Emerald Moon), which is a Singapore-made boat at a good standard and has a reasonable price for the fare, bed, and boat.

Morning cruise on Yangon River

Duration: 2 hours (8:15 – 10:15)
During the morning Yangon river cruise, you will admire the cheerful beauty of Yangon River and activities onboard in the clear morning light. Included in the cruise itinerary is a visit to little-known Twente lighthouses, which is located at south end of Twante canal, and you can also enjoy the fresh morning breeze while admiring the majestic beauty of Shwedagon Pagoda from a distance with different perspectives. Just with the short trip, but you certainly give you memorable experiences during your Myanmar travel.

Sunset cruise on Yangon River

Duration: 2 hours (16:15 – 18:15)
Availability of yours at this spot at sunset is the most remarkable. Feel the warm of zephyr wafting you while observing various activities on Yangon River as sampans barely making way against strong Yangon River stream, seagulls hovering just above you, admire the beautiful sunset with the light fading away and much more.

Twante cruise

Duration: 7 hours (8:30 – 15:30)
Twante town is located about 158 miles from Yangon. Twante is just a small town but it has large in the history of glazed earthen wares and pottery, according to the archaeological findings.
And thanks to the friendly local, you will learn more about the making of glazed earthen wears. As the day progresses, we will take a romantic ride on trishaw or on a hackney- cab to the Shwesandaw Pagoda. The trip will give an intimate glimpse of the life and culture of Myanmar people.
In addition, you will see and understand about the fishermen’s life and the contentment of the local people plus their outlook and belief of life, through a cruise to Twante. It is a within a day, so the families of Yangon expatriates visit the site.

Dora River Cruise

Being equipped with Myanmar teak decking, Dora caters great sunset cruises. Dora River Cruise offers a comfortable sundeck, a lobby, and a karaoke launch. It has a capacity of 30 passengers for a Yangon river cruise during the day. The cruise itineraries are carefully designed so that guests can experience the best attractions and highlights of every destination along the way. You will have a wonderful time of relaxation in complete comfort and style on Dora while observing the urban life of Yangon city or the rural life of countryside on the other side.

Yangon sunset cruise

Duration: 2 hours (4:45 – 6:45)
Price: $55

Morning village cruise (Wayonseit Village)

Duration: 3.5 hours (7:45 – 11:30)
Price: $65

Beyond Yangon cruise

Duration: 2 days 1 night
Price: $500
Itinerary: Yangon – Maletto village – Maubin – Twante – Yangon

Royal Green River Cruise

Royal Green River Cruise is one of the best and most favorite boats for Yangon river cruise voted by tourists and travelers in Myanmar. Beside the classic tours, they offer the special programs and itineraries on request; especially the charter cruise, RGRC, always satisfies customers.

Charter cruise for overnight trip

Price: $270
Itinerary: Cruising on Ayeyarwaddy Rivers, along Yangon – Pyay – Bagan – Mandalay and delta cruise tour to Twante, Pathein, Pya Pon, Da Nu Phyu and others delta areas

Yangon – Pathein – Chaung Tha (or) Ngwe Saung Beach – Beach – Yangon

Duration: 4 days 3 nights
Price: $456 – 992

Yangon – Twante – Yangon – Day return (on request)

Duration: 7 hours (7:30 – 14:30)
Price: $73
If you want to get away from the busy and hectic Yangon city and find a new world of tranquility, peace, and primitiveness, do not hesitate to book a Yangon river cruise and start your Burma tours as soon as possible.

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